"We are different" - the magazine 'Callcenter Scout' visits Saupe Communication

Nearly all call centers are pretending that they are not a classical call center. It seems that everyone is different! This argumentation is certainly resulting from the quite negative image of call centers. The editorial staff of „Callcenter Scout“ has been interviewing us – and they were really surprised.

read the whole interview with Michael Saupe (german)

We show you how to recruit the best executives in Asia

For more than 10 years now we have gained experience in recruiting the best match for your organization. A huge part of our work consists of guiding European companies through the process of finding executives for their subsidiaries in Asia.

Leading European companies: How to become successful in Asia?

Recognize market potentials, use your resources effectively

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Growth by being close to your customers

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Every organization and every industry sector are unique.

Every organization and every industry sector are unique. But there are some determined measures, possibilities and challenges that are defining and limiting the behavior of all market operators – and therefore the behavior becomes predictable.

Saupe Telemarketing has gained experiences in various market sectors over the last 20 years and we know exactly where our clients’ potential and limits are:

IT and ERP Systems


Health Care
& Medical

Human Resource

Training &

Pre-Sales Services, Dialogue Marketing and Call Center Solutions for B2B products and services

We are the agency which gets straight to the heart of demanding topics if you are looking for a partner for direct marketing, consulting and acquisition. You would like to gain new and lasting customers and you would like to re-activate existing customers?

The team of Saupe Telemarketing is looking forward to your call and inquiries about B2B telephone marketing:

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Optimize your lead costs within the B2B marketing

Winning leads with Saupe’s B2B telemarketing gives you the certainty that your sales pipeline will get a permanent refill. Read more...

Optimize your campaigns with B2B Pre-Sales Services

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Manage your addresses with Saupe Dialogue Marketing

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